MEDIA RELEASE: Generous OTF Grant Allows Choir to Recover from Covid

Hamilton, August 2022—In August 2021, Chorus Hamilton received word from the Ontario Trillium Foundation that the choir had been successful in its application for a Community Building Fund Grant. The purpose of this grant was to help organizations weather the turbulent Covid climate by putting into place measures that would both sustain organizations through difficult times and create initiatives that would allow organizations to grow and flourish. The $26,900 grant that Chorus Hamilton received paid salaries and allowed the choir to expand its digital footprint.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s generous grant allowed Chorus Hamilton to pay partial salaries for its two employees, and to hire three technical experts to grow the choir’s social media presence and technological expertise. Due to the restrictions that Covid imposed, choral performances had to be done differently; the choir hired a sound and video recording expert to live-stream and record concerts. This was a first in the history of the choir. The concerts were subsequently uploaded to YouTube, which was another first. These initiatives have allowed the choir more ways to access a larger audience. The grant also allowed the choir to hire a website designer, who has created a professional site that is an attractive introduction to Chorus Hamilton. The site will be launched mid-August 2022.

“The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cannot be underestimated,” said Kathy Martino, Chorus Hamilton’s President. “Without these funds, Chorus Hamilton would have been forced to cancel much of its 2022 season. This grant has afforded us a pathway forward to sustainability.  I thank the Trillium Foundation for its support.”

In its 52-year history, Chorus Hamilton has trained generations of singers, provided quality choral performances to audiences, given work to local musicians, and contributed to revenues of local venues and businesses. The choir has grown and changed and adapted to difficult circumstances. Chorus Hamilton is committed to continuing to create a legacy of education, high quality performances and ensuring a friendly, safe and welcoming place for all local singers.

For more information, please look us up on-line at, on Facebook, on YouTube, and @chorushamilton on Twitter and Instagram.