Welcome from David Holler . . .

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.”  

Friedrich Nietzsche

In this world of complicated technology and stressful day-to-day living, music remains a source of joy for people – a simple pleasure that all can enjoy and partake in.  I can’t imagine a world without music – no music as I drive to work, no soundtrack supporting my favourite television shows and movies, and no live concerts to attend.  It contributes to the rich culture of the artistic community and plays an integral part in everyday life.  It has been attributed to higher IQ scores, not to mention better overall health prognoses and a sense of well-being.  Music makes the world a better place, and singing seems to move people in ways that no other musical instrument can replace.

Chorus Hamilton continues to be a source of joy to the Hamilton community and beyond, bringing the best in choral/orchestral music to our audiences.  Our upcoming season will thrill and excite audiences as never before, as we bring the music of J. S. Bach and Franz Joseph Haydn to the concert stage, as well as an evening of movie music classics!

Music touches all aspects of our lives.  There is an honesty and passion in music that the “real” world cannot offer.  Along with our instrumentalists and featured soloists, the members of Chorus Hamilton bring this passion and vitality to all the music we perform.  We look forward to your support during our 2018/2019 concert season, as we make beautiful music to share with our friends in the Hamilton and surrounding community.

Dr. David Holler

Conductor and Artistic Director